Hi friends,

It is one o'clock in the morning here in northern Spain and I am unable to sleep, so I thought I would write you some thoughts.


It is difficult to put into words what this experience is like, but I can tell you it is definitely the biggest physical challenge of my life. I am almost half way and that feels good. In my life I have not been someone who has gone looking for big physical challenges and if you had told me I would set out to walk 800 kilometres across Spain, I would have said you were crazy... and yet here I am. It amazes me what we are capable of when we set our mind to it and with determination and perseverance we can accomplish things we never thought possible.


When we think of the global problem of modern day slavery it seems like one of those impossible problems to solve. Just like walking 800km across Spain seemed like something impossible for me to accomplish, with determination and perseverance we can do something about it and will find our selves at a solution. Yes there will be many challenges along the way, however just like I am not allowing the blisters on my foot to stop me from accomplishing this journey, we cannot allow challenges and set backs to keep us frompushing on with our fight to end modern day slavery. The cost is too great for us not to.


Well I should get some sleep, another day of walking is ahead. It has been wonderful to have my sister along these last two days. Each day brings new experiences and challenges and these two grandmas are faceing them together and getting this Camino done!

Buen Camino!