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Hey friends,

It is unconceivable that we are less than two weeks from completing Project 800. Don't get me wrong, we have many more kilometres to walk, but we are much closer to the goal than when we started. 

This journey continues to amaze and inspire me. Today held some sadness as we have said goodbye to several people we have been journeying with. It really does become your Camino family as you walk along together. Some are heading home and some are resting for a couple of days, but we are pressing on. 

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A few mornings ago, I had the privilege of spending time with a lovely young woman, Anna, from Denmark. She had heard from others on the Camino of my work with anti human trafficking and wanted to chat with me. As I shared with her not only about our work at Daughter Project but of the global epidemic of modern slavery, Anna began to weep. This beautiful young woman allowed herself to open up and listen to what is going on in our world. She listened not only with hers ears but with her heart. There was a sense of destiny in our conversation, like somehow Anna had heard things she could never look away from and she would move forward changed. As we ended our conversation, I said to Anna what I would say to you: look around in your life and see what young girl you might impact. Who might you spend time with, helping her navigate the challenges of being a young girl in today's world? If you have a bit of time, you can change a girl's life. Too often we overlook the everyday things we can do while we wait for a big moment that might never come. 

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Blister update - I am seeing some improvement. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I continually remind myself that no matter how painful my blisters might be, the pain I am experiencing is nothing compared to what the precious girls I am walking for are going through. It gives me great perspective. 

Buen Camino!