Just One is a call to action. In Canada, sex trafficking and sexual exploitation is a massive and ever growing problem. You might ask yourself, 'How could I possibly make a difference?' We believe change occurs one life at a time; one action at a time. 

This call to action is for every individual.  Whether to mentor, bring awareness, or take a stand, there is something each one of us must do. We each have a responsibility to discover our role.

Mentorship is the core piece. Just One wants to be a catalyst to encourage people to mentor young girls and boys everywhere. Many of you might ask, 'What is a mentor? How do I mentor someone?' Mentoring can be looked at as consistently being in someone's life. Often mentoring involves an individual aiding and guiding someone else through life. 

For more information and resources about mentorship: 

Take a stand against the objectification and sexualization of our young girls. In todays society, self-esteem is very low in girls. The media (social media, TV, movies, print, music) hyper-sexualizes and objectifies girls. They are promoted as objects to use, dominate, and even make money with. Just One campaign believes everyone can take a stand by speaking out, and by not supporting brands, music, movies, and media that objectives and devalues women. 

Awareness is a key component to this campaign because Canadian's are largely uninformed and unaware of this massive problem within its borders. You can use your sphere of influence to shine a light on this issue. Whether through social media, or organizing an awareness event, anyone can bring awareness. 

Fundraising is a great way to support a cause, as well as bring awareness to an issue. You may want to organize your own event, or participate in an existing event, such as Ride For Refuge. Daughter Project is pleased to be one of the charities on this years ride. 

Start a club. Girls empowerment clubs are the staple of Daughter Project Canada's prevention initiative. A safe place where girls can learn about risks, as well as build self esteem and confidence to face the future. For more information on starting a club, click here.